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Welcome to my IdentyMe vCard. I am an eager student waiting to get the opportunity to prove myself. I have worked as a manager of a fast food restaurant, I have also ran departments at some shops that I have worked in. I feel very confident that I could quickly become an asset in any workplace.

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Dokka Fasteners Inc., 2800 Superior Ct., Auburn Hills, MI, 48326
906 Baldwin Rd.
MI 48446
United States

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    Administrative Support

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    Other - Administrative Support

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    Full Time

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    51 years

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  • I Have Very Good Problem Solving Skills I Work Well With Others.
  • I Like To Motivate People And I Like To Bring A Good Atmosphere To The Work Place. I Am A Very Fast Learner And I Like To Learn Things The Right Way When I Learn Them So I Know That I Am Doing Things Right.
  • I Am Very Good At Training People. I Have Ran Departments And Have Trained Workers At How To Do Things Properly And I Followed Up To Make Sure That Things Were Maintained At The Proper Standard.


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