Tarot and Art Forecast for Week of April 18, 2024 ⋆ the fox and the tarot

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I’m new to this blog and am trying to figure out how I can make it better. I’m not a writer, so I’d like to make sure I use the right words for my posts. I’m also going to try to make a good-looking page for it, since the blog is about art and the tarot, and not much else. I have a lot of ideas for my page that I’m going to try to work on over the next few weeks. I’d like to add a map or something, some kind of visual for the art or tarot. I’m thinking about things like a calendar of art, or a video for each week on the topic. I’d also like to add a photo of my books

A successful tarot reading is an insightful and entertaining conversation about the past, the present and possible future. It’s an opportunity to step into someone else’s life and live in a world with them, for a brief moment. This is the time to gain insight into the world around you, gain a deeper understanding of your own personality, and to learn about yourself.

In a busy city, this is the time to connect with others, and to draw them into your world.

What’s your sign? Well, we’ve known since we were kids that if we looked at the stars and the moon and our birth charts, we’d be able to identify our personalities. Unfortunately, due to modern astrology, it’s become a bit less scientific, as most people today are under the impression that a person’s life path is one card in an old deck—and since we’re all born at the same time, we’d all be on the same path, too.

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My dad passed away this week, so this tarocast will be a little different. The picture above is my favorite picture of my dad and me; but it’s also the summer we had two of our worst fights, one over a cat and the other over my college education.  I didn’t talk to him for a year after that. I only answered with one word when he called. Memories like this flashed through my mind – some good, some hard.  A friend told me this week that a complicated relationship has a complicated ending. However, there is one subject that my father and I had deep discussions about and that I remember very well, and that is spirituality.

These discussions began a year after this photo was taken, the same year I started reading tarot cards. Many people are attracted to the tarot because of its visual representation, often because of its beauty.  The real thing, however, is complex, like this photo of my dad and me, where it’s both easy and hard to get out of each card. The purpose of tarot work, discussions and life in general is to be open to its lessons and learn to share the experience. These experiences define who we are and strengthen our spiritual core.   So this week I’m not doing my usual Tarocast, which is a bit of a monologue in this format.

The images are from some of my favorite tarot decks, and for each sign two words are given that relate to that card.  And it’s up to you to choose which energy you want to share this week. P.S. The characters with * are a big week for you.  Taurus, this is the perfect time to get an astrological tarot reading for the coming year.  And Scorpio is halfway through your birth year, so if you need a planetary reading to check this out, now is the time. May the light be upon you, around you and within you, Nina


Children of Lyta taro word-image-11202 * High Priestess – Insight / Secrets


Dali Taro word-image-11203 *Honesty – equality / prejudice


word-image-4291 Two sticks – Target/Fault


Shadow Side Tarot word-image-4292 Ace of Chopsticks – Inspiration/Sympathy


word-image-11204 Six of Swords – Pilgrims/Kings


Housewives Tarot word-image-11205 Five of Sages – rivalry/reconciliation


word-image-11206 Four of Swords – Recovery / Illness


Tarot Muse word-image-11207 *Tower – Disaster/Restoration

Magnetic switch

The Divine Tarot word-image-4293 Queen of Cups – Care/Handling


Tazama African word-image-11208 *Durac – Possibility / Responsibility


Wombat Tarot word-image-11209 Jack of Swords – Research/Personal Experience


Tarot Lightkeeper word-image-4294 Ten of Bars – Stress/Revaluation


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On April 18th 2019, The fox of the tarot will be hanging out in my house, and she has been known to throw some very entertaining tarot and art parties! I am happy to bring you my latest tarot forecast so you can see what the future may hold for you. 1. Bear: You have an exciting time ahead of you, possibly a new job, a bigger project, or a new adventure. This is a time for you to take risks. You may also come across a partner in this timeframe, so you may want to reach out to them. 2. Bat: You are going to have a talk with someone you love, at this time. This is a good time to re-ass.

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