Best Sims 4 Calvin Klein CC (Male + Female)

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Calvin Klein is a fashion brand that has been in the spotlight since the early 1960s. The brand has a history that spans over six decades, as the company’s clothing designs have become a staple of modern fashion. In the past, Calvin Klein has been a favorite among the fashion elite, and its clothing is still hugely popular among the fashion set.

Calvin Klein is one of the most popular clothing brands of all time. So it’s only logical that it’s one of the most popular life simulators of all time! There is a huge CC subculture dedicated to incorporating real brands into the game. If you’re one of them, you know that the more branded clothing your Sims can wear or carry, the better.

Not enough CK content for your game? Don’t worry, we’ve done the research and found some great Calvin Klein pieces to add to your high fashion wardrobe.

Calvin KleinInspired Boxer


Check out this AC. There is a group of simmers who like the real brands and products in the game, but want to keep the story user-friendly with a simlish version. These Calvin Klein-inspired boxer briefs from Littledica offer just that: CK’s classic men’s panties written in Simlish instead of English. There’s also a slightly creased texture to give the briefs a realistic feel, and 16 different patterns (some inspired by CK, others by the designer’s original work).

Calvin Klein Simlish Version


Check out this AC. The Calvin Klein Simlish CC set from RenoraSims has all the benefits of the previous item on our list, but is designed specifically for your female Sims. It consists of a boy’s shorts and a comfortable bra with wide straps, both with the inscription CK on the top and bottom. This varnish is suitable for Maxis-Match and has 15 colour areas: Ten from RenoraSims and five from the original creator of the roster, Jordutch.

CK Bedding


Check out this AC. Calvin Klein is as much about comfort as it is about fashion. And this Calvin Klein pajama set from Pinkzombiecupcakes combines them perfectly. This collection of five outfits contains many soft and fluffy pieces for your Sim to relax in, including a hoodie, sweatpants, underwear, and two different types of tops. Each item has one or two variations and is available in one to 35 unique colors! It is also a very high quality CC, for simulators that prefer a more realistic look. And if you only need one particular outfit, don’t worry: The creator also offers them as separate downloads.

Calvin Klein Bustier


Check out this AC. This set is not included in the CK sleepwear set above, as it stands alone. Pinkzombiecupcakes is back with the Calvin Klein Bustier, which is a cross between a comfortable bra and an undergarment. It is available in five colors and, like the other products of this manufacturer, it is of high quality and safe for Alpha. Find this product in the T-shirts and bras categories at CAS.

Bralette Calvin Klein


Check out this AC. Active sims who work out in style will love the CC Calvin Klein bralette from Elliesimple. The racerback style shoulder straps provide enough room for your sims to be comfortable, yet have the support they need while on the go. The colours are classic white, grey and two shades of black. There is even a matching lingerie set for this top! Visit the Elliesimple Patreon page to check it out.

Calvin Klein men’s underwear


Check out this AC. Oh, wow. This Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear CC set from RedHeadSims is full of hats (in a good way!). HQ compatible, 29 colors… and there is even a transparent pattern with a bare grid that leaves nothing to the imagination. Yes. We reserve those for special occasions, unless your male Sim wants to give the people around him a heart attack.

Classic Men’s T-shirts Calvin Klein


Check out this AC. Although the Calvin Klein brand is best known for its intimate apparel, the following items on our list provide variety by offering clothing options. The first is a set of classic Calvin Klein men’s t-shirts from CharmySims. Three tops in a bold black and white color combination, two with the CK name and one with a fun criss-cross pattern. They will appeal to alpha players and will only need a basic set to bring them into the game.

Bridge CK


Check out this AC. Sweaters are ideal for warm weather. And this custom CK CC suit from Paogae adds a much-needed collection to the game. This sleeveless mid-rise jumpsuit has a slender waist. And the name Calvin Klein in italics. It comes in five colors, and since this CC uses the Get to Work grid, you’ll need this package to use it.

Calvin Klein Jeans


Check out this AC. While not jeans in the traditional sense, Jordutch’s design gives the CAS an unbeatable look that makes it download-worthy. Dark and light stripes contrast to create a chic look, and feature a popular CK stripe at the waist. They are so soft and fluffy, yet offer a fitted silhouette. These pants have a stick dye (but in a Maxis Match-friendly world, they wouldn’t be too flashy) and come in three varieties.