How to Speed Up Your Software Development Process


So you are in desperate need of some new software for your organization but lack the personnel and the expertise to do it in-house? Or perhaps you do have a necessary team as a part of your organization but they are in way over their head and busy elsewhere?

Software development is a highly sought-after skill in the modern world. Since everyone and everything nowadays needs a strong internet presence as well as a dedicated app, the need for professionals who can deliver this is enormous.

This has been recognized and there are indeed many software development firms and freelance workers out there. However, time is always of the essence in the world if IT and clients usually want their apps and websites done as fast as possible. So how can it be sped up?

Luckily, there are many different things you can do to speed everything up regarding the creation process of your software. If you approach this the right way right from the get go, you will have your project completed in no-time and be ready to continue growing tour organization in other ways.

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Expand the Team or Hire More Developers


Depending on whether you are doing it in-house or outsourcing this work to a different firm, you will need more people if you want things done quicker. When a smaller team that is already on your payroll is doing the job, they will be stretched thin already because there are probably other responsibilities as a part of their day.

This means that software development will not be the main focus of their job. On the other hand, if you resource but still hire fewer developers than necessary, the speed at which the entire project is done will not be satisfactory.

In both of these cases it is far better to expand and hire more. It will be a bit more expensive, but you will get what you want in terms of speed. The team size directly influences the amount of work that is given to each developer. With proper management and enough coders on the task, your app/website will be done much sooner than expected.

Professionalism and Experience

Now that we mentioned the numbers, we must also talk about the actual skill and expertise of the people you hire. Quantity is nice, but the quality is usually better. When you get the right combination of the two though, nothing will be able to stop you. Provided that you know how many developers you need, the next step is to think about how experienced and professional they are.

For example, a team of five advanced coders will always finish the job faster than eight entry-level software developers. But you still need five of them, not four, not three. So, to get the best out of both worlds, when you figure out the right number you must also ensure that it is also a team with years of experience, many other projects under their belt, and the right approach to your software development needs.

Quality Takes Time


It should go without saying, but people often forget about this key factor. With everything that is to be better than average, especially advanced and high level, there needs to be enough time and dedication. Rushing things has never resulted in work that is satisfactory. You will probably not be satisfied with average software for your business, which means you need to be realistic with your expectations and still allow the team a realistic deadline to meet.

It is one thing to want things to be efficient and for no time to be lost during the process. It is a whole other thing to always rush things just so they can be over more quickly. An advanced coding team will always do a job on time, with some breathing room left even. If you really want them to do things faster than usual, you will probably have to pay extra because it would mean your project is a priority.

They would have to stop doing everything else or at least slow things down a bit. If you set a realistically close deadline and find a good software developer, you will have sped up the process right at the start.

Avoid Changes and Interruptions

Those who do not deal with software development can never know how hard it can be to go back in the code and change something. This usually happens when the client changes their mind about a certain part of the software and fails to inform the developers on time. It is sometimes virtually impossible to go back and start something entirely from scratch.

If you want to speed up the entire process and have your website or app done sooner, you have to have a strategic plan right off the bat. The whole plan needs to be laid out in front of the software development team during the initial stages of negotiations so that they know what they are dealing with.

If you constantly want things to change and if you frequently call them and interrupt their work, they will never be able to do it as fast as you would like them to. Being involved and demanding proper feedback is one thing, but being intrusive and actually slowing things down yourself is another. It is in nobody’s interest to drag thins on.

Automate as Much as Possible


Last but not least, a final piece of advice. Whenever you want to speed things up in the workplace and have more resources and manpower elsewhere, the thing that needs to happen is automation.

Automation processes that do not require frequent human intervention is how you free up your employees to do other, more pressing things. With software development, there are certain aspects that can be automated.

Talk it over with those who are going to be doing it and let it be known that time is of the essence. If they can automate a few processes here and there, great. If not, they will still know that you want it done sooner rather than later.