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Mercury Retrograde in Gemini – May 2021

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini is a rare event that occurs exactly once every thirty-eight years. It is the time when Mercury, the messenger of communication, is forced to stop and reverse course as his orbit is forced to change direction. During this time, communication may be impeded, communication may be distorted or possibly delayed. Communication is the basis of all our interactions, including work, play, and political and social connections. During this time, one must be more observant and aware so that they may act with balance, compassion, patience, clarity,Read More

14th September 2020 Weekly Horoscope Video

It is truly amazing how successfully the stars have been aligning for a new video. I have been working on this video for quite some time now, and I have finally managed to get it done. This video will be a special one. In this video, you will see the parallax view of the earth. What this means is that you can actually see the earth spinning and the horizon move from side to side. This is a great video for nature lovers, and I’m sure it will be aRead More

21st December 20 Weekly Horoscope: Soul Changing

It’s a new year, and that can be an incredibly exciting time for many people. For others, it can be a bit of a bummer: they don’t feel like they look good or feel like their life is going in the right direction. One of the most important signs of a new year is the horoscope. As an astrologer, I am often asked difficult questions. Love, relationships, cat poop, self-improvement, and more. We’ve got it all for you this week, so get ready to start your week with one ofRead More

October 19th – Weekly Astrology Forecast

Your personal horoscopes for the next week from “identyme’s” astrologers. A horoscope is a natal chart, which charts the position of the planets and other heavenly bodies at a particular moment in time. The Zodiac is a circle of twelve astrological signs, each representing a part of the sky. It is formed by the relative position of the Sun and Moon in space. The Zodiac is of great importance for astrologers, who use it to help predict the future positions of the planets. This week’s horoscope is a critical oneRead More

26th October Weekly Horoscope 2020 – Full Moon

You are a fire sign and you need to make more of a splash. You may be stuck in a relationship that is waning. You might be trying to do too much in too little time. You may also be trying to do too much in too little time. Whatever it is that you are doing, the truth is that you need to let go. You want to be the captain of your ship, but you are not. You need to let go. Check out the detailed sign forecasts forRead More

Weekly Astrology 2nd November 2020

This is the second in a series of posts based on the weekly horoscopes at This week’s horoscope predicts: This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy. The new moon for the second week of November 2020 is in Aquarius, on the 2nd at 20:48 GMT. The moon is in the house of the Moon in Sagittarius. The moon is currently in an angular house, which means she stands in a relationship to the angles of the zodiac. Previous angular moons have been difficult, or they have tried toRead More

The Energy of the Week: Rises in the House of Hope

Some weeks are more inspirational than others, and this week is one of those. I have been reading the book “Meaning and Truth of Life” by Fr. Thomas Hopko, CS. The book is a compilation of the writings of Fr. Thomas Hopko, CS, and you can read his many talks from the past here. As I was reading this week, I realized that Fr. Hopko has the ability to take an old, worn out, tired idea and re-invigorate it with his wit, intelligence, and spiritual insight. I find that IRead More

Insight Tarot by Stanislav Reshetnikov

Not a fan of the mainstream Tarot decks? Well, then this deck is a must-have for you! This deck is based on the original artwork of the famous artist Stanislav Reshetnikov, and it was created to be easy to use as well as visually stunning. The Major Arcana cards follow the traditional Tarot layout, while the Minor Arcana cards feature a grid layout with colored borders that makes reading them easier. What is the meaning of life? If you ask the average person, their answer will probably be something likeRead More

The Energy of the Week: Just Maybe

This week, we were inspired by eklektika, a flower that lives in the cold, dry, highlands of the Himalayas. Its flower is exquisite. It is unique. It is a treasure frozen in time. It is totally free from anything that might take the life out of it. It is no wonder it is called “The Red Flower of Contentment.” “Just Maybe” is a tiny hamlet in a remote part of the UK that sits in the shadow of the Black Mountains, the largest range in Europe. In the old days,Read More

New Moon And Annular Solar Eclipse In Gemini

We are now in Gemini, the sign of twins, and the first full moon of the year is in Virgo, a sign that represents the perfection of the universe. The full moon in Virgo, which is exactly on the cusp of the second month of the year, is also aligned with the sun in the zodiac sign of Gemini, the sign of twins. This means that the moon is only 4° off the sun, and will be closest to the earth at 15:02 UTC on July 15th. The New MoonRead More