The Energy of the Week: Rises in the House of Hope

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Some weeks are more inspirational than others, and this week is one of those. I have been reading the book “Meaning and Truth of Life” by Fr. Thomas Hopko, CS. The book is a compilation of the writings of Fr. Thomas Hopko, CS, and you can read his many talks from the past here. As I was reading this week, I realized that Fr. Hopko has the ability to take an old, worn out, tired idea and re-invigorate it with his wit, intelligence, and spiritual insight. I find that I am inspired by this book more and more every time I read it.

The House of Hope is a place where children and youth have the opportunity to be part of a community with faith and hope for a bright future.

This week, we’ll take a look at the spiritual energy of the week, as it rises in the House of Hope.

Energy of the Week: Rises in the house of hope Hello everyone, Welcome to this weekly post about the energy of the week, what it will be and how best to use it. Let’s get started. Five of Swords: Who wins and who loses? What’s lost? What did we really learn from the battle? The Five of Swords can take different forms of the ego. We see people with swords beside them, and we see a man standing with swords in his hands, showing himself. Make sure others know he won, but did he win? The swords remain next to the other men, waiting for the right moment to strike.

It’s the mistakes that make us doubt. It is in our minds to control fear. Crammed into the ship we want to live in. When we brag too much, things start to fall apart because the Spirit doesn’t make things right for us. Some days we are men without swords and other days we are men with swords. Holding on for fear of losing it again. We can sit back and think about what we would do if we had the power. We can sit back and think what life would be like without some kind of power.

The Five of Swords is about power and its place in a particular environment. where it plays a role in the action of the card. Power must be balanced or it will disappear. Power must be fair. We have to be honest. The man stands with an air of selfishness. Smug. Everyone knows that. It’s like he’s trying to pretend everything’s okay. That the power is his forever. The rest of us know this is not true and wait in plain sight. You know that the spirit will eventually take over a particular person if that person abuses it. To harm others.


The use of power for selfish purposes. Swords represent power and action. This card is about this action. Changes. Don’t worry, the power can be put back into our hands. Then we have to decide how to use it again. Dead, five of a piece, ten of a stick: Here we go again. Death and all its glory. Transformation of the mind and soul. The force moves forward and moves us too, even though we have no control over the situation. Sometimes we just want to sit and wallow in our grief. Sometimes we carry the memories of the past heavy and heavy on our shoulders.

In search of change, we look to the East. Things that are invisible and glow in the dark. They illuminate our new path. Some will turn away because they know that if they walk toward the light, the answer will be revealed to them. Sometimes we live in fear of the great unknown and what might happen. Want to know a secret? If we trust in the Spirit, all things will come to light. Things will form and take shape in this reality. The result is always the same: The truth has been revealed and we are moving on.

The things we carry may be heavy, but we do them with the intention of doing good. To set things right. To earn enough to survive. Doing what is right in our hearts. We can turn away from the truth, but no matter how hard we try to ignore it, the truth always shines brighter than the lie. This week is about understanding what that truth is, where it leads us, and how to unlock the full potential of our words. Look it up. Take a look. We thank the Spirit for the sun that shines on our faces, for it rises in the house of hope and sets in the house of love.

Until next time. Blessed be Aaron P.S. If you enjoyed reading this article, please share it on social media. Also, leave a comment and let me know if you found resonance in the words and phrases of this post, or tell me how the energy of your week is.This week, we visited the House of Hope in Ethiopia: a church in the capital city of Addis Ababa that serves both local and foreign workers. During our visit, we saw a lot of people bringing in their own food from home, and plenty of volunteers cooking lunch for those who come to church.

But the house takes in many other kinds of people, too, including the homeless, orphaned children, and those who have lost their jobs..

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