Weekly Astrology 2nd November 2024


This is the second in a series of posts based on the weekly horoscopes at  identyme.com. This week’s horoscope predicts:

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The new moon for the second week of November 2024 is in Aquarius, on the 2nd at 20:48 GMT. The moon is in the house of the Moon in Sagittarius. The moon is currently in an angular house, which means she stands in a relationship to the angles of the zodiac. Previous angular moons have been difficult, or they have tried to change a situation about which they have no power. This moon is more likely to be one of the following:

Weekly Astrological Forecasts for All Signs for November 2, 2024

With our psychic and astrologer Elena


word-image-6234 Aim higher Let’s talk about love. Define your status to stand out Do you feel like talking about these feelings? Mercury will be directly in your 7th from the 3rd. House. Yes, all that talk about love and other fun things is back on the agenda. Remember, however, that Mercury is still in retrograde shadow. Cupid’s insanely stupid rules still apply. This week begins the final meeting of Jupiter and Pluto in your 10th house. House. This is the last time these two will meet in this house of your horoscope in your life. These two signs have been in orbit since the 7th, and the conjunction will be exact next week, on the 12th. It involves commitments, agreements, choices and opportunities for what may have held you back in terms of reward, recognition or status.

Commitment for a new result

The sun and Juno meet in your 8th house. House that defines depth. In this case, it involves the sharing of property, money and, yes, sex or relationships where sex is an important part of the arrangement. Juno rules marriage, all kinds of commitments and promises that we do not take lightly. In terms of mythology, Juno was the classic Good Wife character. She stands by her husband (Jupiter) no matter what extramarital machinations he has. That’s why we associate it with a long-term commitment. Or, at least in this day and age, the ones we create that we have trouble getting rid of. Just be aware that Mercury is retrograde this week. It’s time to let go of what may have burdened or limited you since late 2017. However, Mercury retrograde tells you that agreements or negotiations may go back and forth for some time before results can be expected. And yes, this can also apply to elections. As for you, go with the result you’ve been striving for all along. Jupiter is always superior to Pluto. No pun intended this week. In a nutshell: There may be positive changes now and an opportunity to move up, higher and away from what is limiting you. Thanks to the recent encounter between Jupiter and Pluto. Strive for higher ground, Aries.


word-image-6235 Take the opportunity to Seat with details Say yes to a new vision for the future Mercury eventually goes directly into the sixth house it rules. House. It’ll be in the back dark for about three more weeks. In a ruling house, which this is, this means that the turmoil caused by Mercury can last for about three weeks. So keep in mind that nothing has been decided on the work yet. And keep focusing on the little things and don’t neglect the important details! This week begins the final meeting of Jupiter and Pluto in your 9th house. House. This is the last time these two will meet in this house of your horoscope in your life. These two signs have been in orbit since the 7th, and the conjunction will be exact next week, on the 12th. This is the house that rules Jupiter in your horoscope. But Jupiter always takes precedence over Pluto, no matter which house it is in.

Confession of freedom of the soul

This can be a good sign for your liberation from a prolonged situation. By choice or by opportunity. It allows you to grow and go for something bigger. What has held you back for so long can now be changed. And so easily, you wonder what took you so long. If it’s about you and someone else, you either totally agree or totally disagree. The Sun and Juno, who rule these important commitments, align on the 8th in your sector of marriage, lasting love and partnership. The promise you make can somehow determine your future direction. Now say yes. In a nutshell: Freedom should be your goal this week, regardless of the outcome, Taurus. Especially when it comes to love or what you love. Say yes to a decision that will lead your soul in a new direction.


word-image-6236 Commit to change Riding the winds of the Renaissance Take the first step and the universe will follow. Mercury will be directly in your 5th house again from the 3rd. House. Romance gets the green light again, just like any other area where you shine and get back what you send out. But like all signs, you know that Mercury has to go through some sort of retro shadow. So go ahead, but hold those rules retroactively for another three weeks. Especially when it comes to new lovers. You’re facing a big change now. On the 7th, Jupiter and Pluto begin their final encounter in the 8th sky. House of Pluto in your Horoscope. It will certainly be next week, but the effect will be felt as soon as they get back in line. If you think lately: Everything has to change and I have to change it, so maybe you will be given a way, a means, an opportunity or a method to do it.

Step to resuscitation

It is your home, not only of transformation and rebirth, but also of shared values and resources. Change can be as simple as getting access to the resources you need to make the change you want. This includes a better job offer, pay raise or other forms of support. This is the last time in your life that Jupiter and Pluto will meet here. If you’ve felt controlled by situations, circumstances, or even people, Jupiter gives you a chance to change the balance. Remember, Jupiter is always superior to Pluto. No offense, during election week. This week the Sun and Juno also meet in the 6th house. Degree of Mercury. It is about committing to a way of working, a lifestyle, a routine that will enhance your life and help you in your daily life. The tools you may need are also inside. In your energy and willingness to do new things. Become the change you’ve been waiting for since 2017, Gemini. In a nutshell: This week, Gemini, take charge of change. In time, this will change. Put the wheels in motion and the universe can already support you.


word-image-6237 Making progress on national issues Be ready to transform your relationships Make a lasting promise Mercury enters your house of household affairs from the 3rd. Real estate – buying, selling, renting, leasing, your Airbnb, your roommate, your community, your homeland/country, and anything else that affects your long-term security can now be transferred. Just be aware that Mercury will be retrograde for another three weeks. And if it comes back in the 5th, it can also affect children, loved ones and what you like to do. So keep in mind that nothing has been decided – yet. Like kissing and making up or even intentionally breaking up. There’s a relationship change in the air right now. The barriers to new love can come down. New opportunities for all kinds of partnerships may now arise. Or the existing connection is converted. Until the final conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in your 7th, which begins this week and culminates next week on the 12th.

Is love the change you’ve been waiting for?

This is the last meeting between these two in this house of your theme in your life. If love has been hard to find, difficult, problematic, understand that Jupiter will bring solutions and Pluto will activate change. On the 8th there is also an important meeting between the Sun and Juno in your 5th house. Signs for loved ones, children and what makes you special. This is your house of attraction. So make an effort to attract change in love, and be open to what it looks like. Juno is about the promises we make in the long term. It’s a matter of making a commitment in either case. Yes, it’s about me doing something, but it could just as easily be about me doing nothing or me doing nothing anymore. Anything new or reloaded now has a long-term perspective. This also applies to any solution. Now you know what will pay off in the long run. This also applies to living conditions. In a nutshell: Get ready for a change in important relationships, Cancer. Or ask yourself: Is love the change you’ve been waiting for? Open your heart to long-term change when Jupiter and Pluto align in your 7th house. Home for the last time.


word-image-6238 Say yes to your lifestyle Create a new kingdom to rule Deepen the roots – or plant new seeds If you love the lifestyle you’ve created or the place you live now, say yes to it and let it take deeper root this week, Leo. If not, promise to change it. Start small, and then watch as you begin to live large. Mercury in the 3rd house ruling it. The grade is used from the 3rd grade onwards. Diploma of direct. Keep in mind that this is a retro tint, so what you hear or get to hear may still change. Next week, it’ll be back in your 4. The signs will come in, and the issues of the near house will be back on the agenda. Both houses of Mercury are in focus this week, as well as your 4th house. Home for family, household and security.

Repeat this routine

Jupiter and Pluto will align in the other house of Mercury in your horoscope (6th), which begins on the 7th and peaks next week. This will happen for the last time in your life. It can help you find solutions to work, routine or just a better life. And of course it’s about your long-term safety, your well-being, your lifestyle and where you live. If you need to make long-term changes to any of the above, this meeting should give you the opportunity to do so. Like your ruler’s conjunction with Juno in your 4th house. For House, this means choosing a lifestyle that gives you the space and freedom to really live. For some this may mean moving in with a partner, for others it may mean improving their current job or living situation, and some of you may commit to moving or improving your skills. Whatever form it takes, what matters is that you are the queen or king of your castle, Leo. In a nutshell: This week, Leo, you have a big plan for a better life. This also applies to job offers. If you like where you work and what you do, you will benefit. If not, take action to change that.


word-image-6239 Say or sign to save Believe in your ability to attract Obstacles to love disappear Your ruler, Mercury, will be direct in your money zone from the 3rd. I don’t need to remind you that he has one more retro shadow to erase before his ability to confuse is over. And most of these retrogrades are in their third year. The graduation ceremony will take place. So keep the retro rules for a while longer. This applies in particular to financial matters. What you stand for, how you feel, what you deserve, and how you are treated may be the subject of a final update this week. The final conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in your 5th begins on the 7th. They will manifest exactly on the 12th, but you can already feel their influence. The focus is on people in love, children, babies, teens, your creativity and self-expression. So are your innate beliefs about what you can attract. Set higher expectations. It is time for higher and transformational love. This is the last time in your life you’ll be meeting here. This can break the cycle that has been holding you back since 2017.

Commitment to the soul

The Sun and Juno also meet in the ruling third on the 8th. Degree of Mercury. Juno rules over commitment, marriage and promises. To say I love you or to make a long-term commitment. We keep our word when Juno’s here. And we can’t go back so easily. It may be followed by a long-term contract, the signing of important documents or a sincere promise. Again, signing a contract can end a cycle. And bring a new one. In a nutshell: Loved ones – past, present or potential, parenting, children, childhood or your creative expression. One, several or an entire house can benefit from an upgrade. Is love the catalyst you need, Virgo?


word-image-6240 Get your new life ready to take off Opportunity gives you the key to solving the problem. Commit to a long-term plan of abundance Mercury moves from the 3rd to the 1st. Tag. Are you ready for a new start, Libra? It is a new or updated image, message, brand or appearance, or the conscious creation of a different image of yourself. If you’ve felt relegated to a secondary role for too long, it’s time to stop being an understudy and take back the lead role in your life. Pay attention to the message you are sending by your appearance alone.

Opening the door to freedom

This week is the final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in your 4th house. It has been in orbit since the 7th and will be accurate next week. And this will not be repeated in this house of your map for the rest of your life. In May, you will experience limitations and challenges related to family issues, your home, apartment, landlord, community, country or career from 2017. Jupiter always brings solutions and opportunities. This week, they might finally show up. Think of the keys to the doors and the freedom that lies behind them. This could have something to do with money, possessions, assets or other resources, as the Sun and Juno also meet in your money zone on the 8th. You feel (or should feel) comfortable in this house because Venus, your ruler, rules it. This is your long-term path to abundance and prosperity. This may take the form of a new financial arrangement, a source of income or a long-term solution to the problems. It requires your commitment. But it gives you so much back. Especially when it comes to recreating your message – and your world. In a nutshell: This week, Libra, solutions could appear for long-standing problems or limitations related to home, family, living conditions, or income. Think seriously about it – and support it.


word-image-6241 It’s decision time, baby! Make a promise for the future Put your dreams first Since Mercury is in the 3rd house. January in your 12. With the move into the 2nd home, it’s time to examine the elements of your past that you need to get rid of for good. And left there forever. It is now about new and future commitments. And also how you see your future. Developing and committing to a new vision can be an important part of this process. This week suggests that the future is an open road for you. But the choices you make determine your direction. The inability to make a decision or a choice, curiously enough, is also one. If you look back, you can see that too.

Say yes anyway

From the 7th to next week, the 12th, there will be a final encounter between Jupiter and Pluto in your 3rd house. House. This is the last time in your life you’ll be meeting here. It may bring you news or an opportunity that requires you to say yes in a big way and change everything when you do. It may be too important to ignore and too good to reject. Not making a decision is not an option. Maybe you’ve been waiting for something like this since 2017. You are whole in heart and soul, or whole in mind, body, soul and future when the Sun and Juno meet on the 8th in your 1st house. Meet me at the house. It’s about saying yes to something and making it last. It may be something that has held you back in the past. Maybe even your own decision-making process. Or just doubting that you can get what you want. So this is a case where you have to put your future first. And make your decisions based on that, Scorpio. In a nutshell: If you’ve put off a choice or decision in the past, this week is an opportunity to make another one. Saying yes to something can set your future on a new course. And the past is where it belongs, Scorpio.

Magnetic switch

Opportunities and solutions set you free The old can become the new again Prepare to be paid for the work of your soul! Mercury right back in your 11th house. The sign will bring back your friends and projects. Yes, it still needs to erase the retro shadow. And most of them will be in the 12th. Year completed. Therefore, there will probably be flashbacks to the past and old goals. What resurrects can do so with a new urgency.

Be prepared for big decisions

Ruler Jupiter is about to make its final move to Pluto in your money zone. This is the last time in your life you’ll be meeting here. They start showing up in a lane on the 7th and peak next week. Think Daddy Warbucks, and you’re little orphan Annie. Lots of money, lots of support, big decisions or opportunities, and Billionaire as the music for the elevator that takes you to the penthouse. Well, if it isn’t, it may give you a chance to bypass the restrictions that have clipped your wings since 2017. You, of all signs, know that Jupiter always has the last word because he rules reversals and last-minute rescues. So think about making positive changes. It can even be a soul-searching experience. Redemption from hardship and experience. Going deep into the dark nights of the soul and doing spiritual work, not running away from difficulties but enduring them, all of this brings us to a level of soul service. Or just someone who offers you a soul contract to help you. The Sun and Juno meet on the 8th in your 12th house. House. This may be due to commitments you have made in the past or commitments someone has made to you. It’s time to bow out, one way or another. Help, if needed, can come this week. But something tells you that keeping faith brings a new kind of reward, Sag. In a nutshell: Ruler Jupiter meets Pluto for the last time in your second home. Signs of abundance and self-worth. Be on the lookout for solutions to long-term limitations. And for the mental reward of keeping the faith, Sag.


word-image-6242 Don’t underestimate yourself. Don’t underestimate yourself. Be prepared to make important decisions The future is calling – how will you communicate it? Mercury, representing important career and status issues in your sector, brings these Capricorn-ruled areas back into focus. Yes, you have the green light to proceed with these ambitions. Remember, however, that Mercury is still in retrograde shadow. So make sure you keep your word and send a consistent message that you are taken seriously. Because when it comes to personal dreams, goals, ambitions and how you present yourself, this week offers you a unique opportunity to make a lasting and optimal impression. Make sure you create the image of someone who knows what they want and where they want to go. Know with every atom of your being that you are real now. Even if you are shimmying in your Jimmy Choo. Believe me, no one else will know.

Know that you are so much more!

This week begins the final encounter between Jupiter and Pluto in your 1st house. House. It can permanently change the way you are perceived by others, but in a lasting and positive way. Life may have taken a serious turn for the worse since 2017. It could be partnerships or other important relationships, your career, or just a feeling that what you’re doing now isn’t working or has become hard, joyless work. This is the last time these two will meet in your 1. Meet life. The connection will be accurate next week, but a positive flow could start as early as this week. Expect solutions, balance and freedom as a result. It can change the way you see yourself, the way you are seen by those closest to you, and the way you are seen by your friends, family and colleagues. It may even be linked to a long-term goal or ambition. If you connect to this or more, it could be the beginning of a new cycle of freedom and opportunity, as the Sun and Juno meet on the 8th in your 11th house. Feel the future and say yes, Capricorn. In a nutshell: Next week, Jupiter and Pluto will meet for the last time in your sign and reach their peak. It’s time to think about how you want to be seen. Image, status, message, appearance, style, brand and name are important now.


word-image-6243 Did you make it? Let yourself go into the future The past offers rewards – and solutions Take a long-term decision Mercury is direct from the 3rd to the 4th in your house of learning, research and big business. International connections or remote connections can be suggested even if you are not going anywhere due to existing restrictions. News from far away can make it seem like it’s happening right next door. And you could feel its effects.

Past tense can provide real-time rewards

Something from your past may resurface this week. I can tell you that in a cosmic sense, it is the highest time. If you feel like your soul and spirit have been tested since 2017, the latest meeting of Jupiter and Pluto in your 12th house could be the most important. House, which begins on the 7th, will bring the solution you’ve been waiting for. It can be a release that literally takes you away from something. Someone from your past or someone who owed you money in a previous life could be playing a role here. This is the last time in your life you’ll be meeting here. And you won’t have to wait long for Jupiter and also Saturn to enter your sign – and the New Era of Yours begins. It may also coincide with a long-term decision that affects your career path, your status (for example, your employment status or even your relationship status), your finances, your ambitions and your responsibilities. The Sun and Juno meet on the 8th in your 10th house. House. Juno is associated with commitment because she governs marriage. But also the contracts and promises we take for granted. Or at least we won’t get out without making another big decision. This may have to do with status decisions about your salary, financial arrangements or partner. Whatever you decide – you’re ready, Aquarius. In a nutshell: This week the past becomes relevant, enriching, or problem-solving. If you’ve come a long way in terms of soul and spirit travel, it’s time for some real opportunities, Aquarius.


word-image-6244 People are your greatest asset Would you like something that Choose freedom! Mercury returns to your other house of money this week, starting on the 3rd. Your salary, benefits, payments, loans, credits, mortgages, taxes and what you share with others are all rearranged at this point. Or it should have done. Don’t be afraid to deal with unfinished business in these areas. You have the power – and the focus.

Dare to take a leap of faith

Starting on the 7th, Jupiter and Pluto in your 11th house will have a lot to do with each other. House their last interaction. It will peak next week, on the 12th. Generous friends, influential friends, friends who bring benefits, help, opportunities. When you need advice, help, answers or solutions, they come from people you know or are in contact with. People are your greatest resource and your best asset. This is the last meeting of these two planets here in your lifetime. Some of you may even see a goal realized – or the appearance of someone who can help you achieve that goal. Limitations, disadvantages, constraints may just fall away when you dedicate yourself to something greater. Make freedom of the soul your goal. This is not the time to hold on to something that is holding you back just because it feels safe and secure, Pisces. On the 8th, the Sun and Juno meet in your 9th house. This is, of course, Jupiter’s main house in your horoscope. Remember that before the discovery of Neptune, Jupiter was your dominant planet. And the old rulers are still in action. That is, it is a matter of giving up something completely or totally and thus gaining freedom. This week will ask you to take a leap of faith. And know that when you do, you free yourself from whatever is holding you back. In a nutshell: Pisces, the people you know may have more influence on your future path than you think. The future is asking you to take a leap of faith this week. The opportunity liberates you in a new direction. www.horoscope.co.ukThe second day of the Lunar New Year is considered auspicious in both China and Japan. The day is known as the Lantern Festival in China and the Hinamatsuri in Japan. During this time, people make paper lanterns and enjoy the new year feast. According to Chinese tradition, the Lantern Festival is also considered the best time to look into the future of people who are born in the year of the rooster.. Read more about horoscope today and let us know what you think.

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What sign is November 2024?

You are having a look at the next astrological sign. You have a good, general idea of what the days of November 2024 should be like. You know you’ll be walking down the red carpet at the Oscars with a dazzling gown, being feted by Hollywood royalty, while every magazine cover in the world will feature you on the cover. You share this with your friends and family, and they all agree: this is the start of a wonderful new chapter in your life. And you are right. November 2024 is a crucial month for astrologers: in the interim of it we will see some of the most dynamic transits in our life time. In fact, it is the month of Saturn’s return and a time when you can expect to see a lot of changes and challenges in your life. The themes for November 2024 are:

Which zodiac sign will be the luckiest in 2024?

The zodiac signs can be a fun way to understand yourself, but they can also be a source of stress, especially at the start of a new year. Most people start their new year hoping they will become the lucky one, be it a favorite or a favorite of the stars. The zodiac signs can help you determine the luckiest zodiac sign for your next year of life. It’s the end of a new year, and as we head into the New Year, it is no longer a question of whos lucky. It’s a question of who is unlucky. In the year 2024, according to a recent analysis by the Daily Caller, the zodiac signs that we’ve been told are lucky all our lives are going to be the unluckiest.

What are the new zodiac signs for?

The zodiac signs have changed! Check out the link above to see what the new signs are, and don’t forget to bookmark this page to keep up to date with future updates. Astrology is a fun, interesting, and often useful way to view the world—but not everyone believes in it. If you feel it’s simply a bunch of mumbo jumbo, then don’t worry. When you stop believing in the occult, there’s no reason to believe in astrology.