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The Best Online Games to Play with Friends During Quarantine

The threat of an Ebola outbreak is very real. The chances are that at some point in time you will come in contact with the virus. The last time this happened, many people around the world feared a pandemic. This was based on the fact that the virus can live up to 3 weeks outside the human body, making it possible for the virus to spread from person to person. During a certain period of time in your life you are legally obligated by law to stay indoors. While theRead More

Conan Exiles Explosive Arrows | How to Make – Guide Fall

Generally, arrows are used to shoot things. But sometimes, they’re used to launch things into things. On Conan Exiles, there are explosive arrows that can launch other things into other things. And that’s what this explosive arrows guide is about. Can you make explosive arrows for Conan Exiles? The answer is yes! Arrows in Conan Exiles are crafted by using the materials you have available to you. The ingredients that you use in the arrow-making process will determine the type of arrows you can craft. The arrows are used inRead More