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Generally, arrows are used to shoot things. But sometimes, they’re used to launch things into things. On Conan Exiles, there are explosive arrows that can launch other things into other things. And that’s what this explosive arrows guide is about.

Can you make explosive arrows for Conan Exiles? The answer is yes! Arrows in Conan Exiles are crafted by using the materials you have available to you. The ingredients that you use in the arrow-making process will determine the type of arrows you can craft. The arrows are used in all types of weapons, so it is good to be able to craft them even if you don’t have the ingredients to craft them. You can craft explosive arrows by using materials such as charcoal, flint, and sulfur.

Sometimes it’s easier to make weapons than to find them in the game. Sometimes they’re so easy to make that you’ll just make 3 in an hour. Today I’ll show you how to make arrows of all kinds including Explosive Arrows.

Based on the works of author Robert E. Howard, the game Conan Exile has been offering players the chance to survive in the world of the Hyborian Age since its release in 2018. But for fans of the series who are new to the game, or for those who just want to start a new survival game, making some items can be a challenge. In this tutorial, we will see how to make explosive arrows and how to use them effectively.

Making explosive arrows in Conan Exiles

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To make explosive arrows inConan Exiles, , you must first unlock the talent Ammo Specialist III. The explosive arrows can then be made in the woodshop with the following recipe:

  • Iron arrowhead x 1
  • Resin x 5
  • Dragon powder x 1
  • Pen x4

This recipe gives the player ten explosive arrows. But before you can worry about gathering the resources you need to make arrows, you need to learn the skills you need to make arrows. To obtain the recipe, you must have the Ammunition Specialist III skill. It opens at level 49 and costs five knowledge points. In addition, there are three other Feats that you must have as a prerequisite.

These are the skills of the archer, the ammunition specialist II and the steel tool. Of course, they all have their own requirements, with the exception of the archer feat. To collect the necessary resources, you need a few extra skills. Ironhead archers need the eponymous achievement Ironhead, as well as the Iron Tool and Carpenter achievements. To make a set of ten iron arrows, you will need ten twigs, two iron rods and a feather.

Then comes the dragon powder. To make it, you first need the skill Fire Cauldron, for which you must learn the skill Iron Tools. Next, you need to make the pan itself, in which you will cook the powder. That means you need 50 iron bars and 20 pieces of rope. As for the powdered ingredients, here’s what you need: Two demon blood, ten sulfur, 50 crystals, and 100 steel fire. Mix them in a kettle and wait a minute, you will get a large amount of dragon powder. In general, most of the ingredients on this list are not hard to find.


Twigs and twine can be easily found or made, and iron can be mined after finding a good deposit. Feathers can be collected from birds you have hunted, or you can feed them and look for their droppings. The best way to obtain resin is to collect it from a tannery. It will take a lot of hunting, but with Thrall’s help it will be less tedious. An alchemical table can also be used to make resin from raw ash mixed with oil or resin, or charcoal can be used on a liquid press. Of all the ingredients, the dragon powder will probably be the most difficult, as it requires a lot of raw materials.

First, there is the demon blood which, as the name suggests, involves killing and harvesting one of the demonic creatures of the exiled lands. A good place to start growing is Shalebeck Hollow, where you can find seven undead kappas to harvest. Next up is Brimstone. Like iron ore, sulphur can be extracted from branches, but there are special deposits for this. Brimstone is currently available in the following categories:

  • Gallaman’s tomb (mineral nodules)
  • Protection of the sinner (mineral knot)
  • Entrance of the executioners (Mineral Node)
  • Bakkanir bay (underwater)
  • Shattered Springs (Mineral nodes)

You can also collect materials from the corpses of Rocknose and Serpentman’s skeletons. Crystal is also an exploitable resource, but it can only be found in caves. If you manage to tame a Rocknose, you can get crystals from it by giving it stones. Remember this takes 20 minutes and there is only a 5% chance of getting the crystal, so it is not the most reliable method. Finally, we have Steelfire. This is actually a fairly simple recipe, requiring two resins and a Brimstone, to be made in a Firebowl kettle. It takes about 20 seconds and you will receive a tray with the product.

With all this in mind, the total amount of resources you need to make explosive arrows is :

  • 120 Sulphur
  • 205 Tar
  • 2 Demons blood
  • 5 feathers
  • 10 branches
  • 2 iron rods
  • 50 crystals

When you’re done, you get a set of ten explosive arrows to play with until you can build more. This list may seem daunting, but once you have this recipe on hand, that amount of resources won’t seem so scary. These arrows are not necessarily the cheapest in the game, but they give you more power than any other. Additionally, these arrows can ignite gas and oil fields created by other weapons, increasing their damage potential.

Explosive arrows are mainly used for PvP raids. While generally not as effective as explosive bombs, they can complement the performance of the former in certain situations. Some players have even found a niche for them by destroying bases to prevent escalation. That’s how you make and use explosive arrows. Hopefully this can serve as a roadmap for players entering the late game for the first time. Want to know more about Conan Exiles?Several months ago, Conan Exiles was in trouble.

Many people thought that the game wouldn’t live up to the hype. The possibilities were endless, but the game couldn’t even give us one decent arrow to shoot. But that all changed with the new Explosive Arrows mod. This mod makes it possible to shoot explosive arrows on your target. This mod is extremely fun and will make your life a lot more easier..

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are explosive arrows good Conan exiles?

Arrows are much more important than you think. Seriously. In the early game, you will often resort to using arrows to clear out enemies in the field. However, when you get the ability to craft them, it might not be immediately evident why you would bother. In fact, over time, you will probably use them more and more.

So, is it worth crafting them? My answer is a firm yes. I’m excited to bring you this video, created by a friend of mine and posted on my channel. It’s a compilation of videos I’ve created about various aspects of making incendiary arrows for your character in Conan Exiles.

How much damage does explosive arrows do Conan exiles?

When you start a game like Conan Exiles, you are more than likely going to be building a massive settlement, and then think of ways to make it even bigger. This guide will show you how to make explosives that will damage your enemies and how to make them DIY, so they don’t cost you any materials. (This guide may or may not be used to rule the world?)

The explosive arrows are a mod for Conan Exiles. They are obtainable in the game and they are used in various crafting recipes. They allow you to place explosive items on the ground and they will explode when someone tries to loot them.

Do explosive arrows work on Star metal?

What is more satisfying than shooting an arrow and watching it explode? Aside from the obvious fun of watching the arrow blow up on impact, there are many practical applications. For example, the mist that comes off it when it explodes can be useful in the battlefield. It can also be used to gather wood, water, or other resources from the ground, as well as to kill enemies and livestock.

Conan Exiles Explosive Arrows | How to Make – Guide Fall i like the different look of the normal arrows and i wanted to add a little extra to them to make them more interesting. I was then inspired by other platforms like Path of Exile or The Binding of Isaac. So i started to experiment with different tips and found the perfect look and feel.