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The Energy of the Week: Rises in the House of Hope

Some weeks are more inspirational than others, and this week is one of those. I have been reading the book “Meaning and Truth of Life” by Fr. Thomas Hopko, CS. The book is a compilation of the writings of Fr. Thomas Hopko, CS, and you can read his many talks from the past here. As I was reading this week, I realized that Fr. Hopko has the ability to take an old, worn out, tired idea and re-invigorate it with his wit, intelligence, and spiritual insight. I find that IRead More

The Energy of the Week: Just Maybe

This week, we were inspired by eklektika, a flower that lives in the cold, dry, highlands of the Himalayas. Its flower is exquisite. It is unique. It is a treasure frozen in time. It is totally free from anything that might take the life out of it. It is no wonder it is called “The Red Flower of Contentment.” “Just Maybe” is a tiny hamlet in a remote part of the UK that sits in the shadow of the Black Mountains, the largest range in Europe. In the old days,Read More