The Energy of the Week: Just Maybe

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This week, we were inspired by eklektika, a flower that lives in the cold, dry, highlands of the Himalayas. Its flower is exquisite. It is unique. It is a treasure frozen in time. It is totally free from anything that might take the life out of it. It is no wonder it is called “The Red Flower of Contentment.”

“Just Maybe” is a tiny hamlet in a remote part of the UK that sits in the shadow of the Black Mountains, the largest range in Europe. In the old days, the area was notorious for its poor quality coal. But over the years, demand for the mineral has diminished, and today the area is a thriving tourist spot.

Energy of the Week: It can be as simple as Hello everyone, Welcome to this weekly post about the energy of the week, what it will be and how best to use it. Let’s get started. The four of clubs: We put things in the ground. Four stakes, with great hope and determination, we plant in the ground to tell the Spirit that this is where we are.

The four bars give us information about the foundation. What binds us together. Many readers will say that the wedding should take place, but with whom and when? Where do we put our hearts? To whom do we give our love? We take care of the four corners and put our love in the middle, hoping to be noticed. In what part of the city do you want to build the house? Shall we go to the sea? Are we going to the countryside? It doesn’t matter where we end up, because the Spirit will find us.

We pour the concrete of life and experience on the earth and place the four pillars in the direction of the sun. Everything grows and takes shape. We begin to build our family, and without sound and feeling we grow old. This is a glimpse of the future. Where do we invest our time and energy? The four of chopsticks represent fire and ambition. It’s work and creativity. It is a dance and a song. When this card appears in our reading, we know something stable is happening.


A person is satisfied with one aspect of their life. Because it’s a fire, it can fall into any category. Home, love, business, money and spirituality. We need to determine where this map is. The location of the square. As readers, we should also pay attention to whether the foundation is cracked, whether the post is rotten, whether the ground is moving. At this point, we can determine what someone needs to build on to create a stronger foundation. They build their houses with more love and virtue.

Knights of the Coin, Devil, Peace: The week begins with an oversized plan. Some will cry out in despair and shake their fists at the universe. Others get what they want and meet like-minded people. Transformation gives us the light at the end of the tunnel. This is precisely where the difficulties arise. We try to change our environment with words and spells, but it doesn’t work. The world tells us that this is the end. It is as if the Spirit is telling us to create, but not to look at the way of the will. This may take a few months.

This could take years. One thing is certain, all the things we worry about will pass and remain only a memory. Taking responsibility for our thoughts. Make a list of what you want and what is not yet manifested in this reality. Check everything bit by bit. This week is about letting your dreams take shape without controlling how they come about. We can only imagine what our destination might be. Taking responsibility for thinking good thoughts and knowing we are in alignment with our spiritual path. Let Spirit bring energy to creation.

You don’t have to worry. This is not the time for doubts. Let these thoughts leave our midst with a breeze. Like whispers in the night, we proclaim our love and tell the Spirit we are worthy. That we deserve good things. You may feel lost in the process, but eventually you will find the needle. Sometimes the timekeeper tells us to sit quietly and wait for the participant we are trying to reach to be notified. Maybe we can hear them talking in the silence.

Maybe in the silence we can feel them wrapping their arms around us again to comfort us. It is possible. Until next time. Blessed be Aaron P.S. If you enjoyed reading this article, please share it on social media. Also, leave a comment and let me know if you found any resonance in the words and phrases in this post or let me know how your weekly energy is going.