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Book of Maps Proofs (SKT Revelation Production Status Update)

The latest SKT product, the SKT Revolution, has been revealed to the public! As most know, the name ‘Revolution’ is an allusion to the very first Korean word that the SKT logo is supposed to stand for, ‘Reseption’. The Revolution is meant to represent the company’s greatest achievements to date, as well as the rebirth of the ‘SKT’. South Korea’s SK Telecom (SKT) has recently revealed their plan to create a new promotional map for Starcraft II, which will be released alongside the start of this year’s Proleague Season 2.Read More

Insight Tarot by Stanislav Reshetnikov

Not a fan of the mainstream Tarot decks? Well, then this deck is a must-have for you! This deck is based on the original artwork of the famous artist Stanislav Reshetnikov, and it was created to be easy to use as well as visually stunning. The Major Arcana cards follow the traditional Tarot layout, while the Minor Arcana cards feature a grid layout with colored borders that makes reading them easier. What is the meaning of life? If you ask the average person, their answer will probably be something likeRead More