Book of Maps Proofs (SKT Revelation Production Status Update)


The latest SKT product, the SKT Revolution, has been revealed to the public! As most know, the name ‘Revolution’ is an allusion to the very first Korean word that the SKT logo is supposed to stand for, ‘Reseption’. The Revolution is meant to represent the company’s greatest achievements to date, as well as the rebirth of the ‘SKT’.

South Korea’s SK Telecom (SKT) has recently revealed their plan to create a new promotional map for Starcraft II, which will be released alongside the start of this year’s Proleague Season 2. This news has been met with mixed reactions, since the company has already released their “Revelation” map for the game. As a result, many are wondering whether or not SKT will use the new map for the upcoming Proleague season.

I printed off a physical copy of the map book to make sure everything is in order before handing it out to those who ordered the premium pack. I so love the way the cover was done. word-image-17612 After I finished the graphic design on my computer, I wasn’t 100% sure I liked it. Maybe it’s too yellow? (I was hoping it would be more gold.) But the predominant gold with floral green accents is the symbolic color I wanted, with that mother-of-pearl pattern in the background.

word-image-17613 Acc – the background is not centered and symmetrically aligned. Notice how part of the white pearl’s aura is slightly off-center around the dainty diamond? For some reason I hadn’t noticed it on the computer screen, but now it’s so obvious. Sigh. word-image-17614 The words of the saint, transcribed above, will be printed both on the cover and on the first few introductory pages of the guide. When I was surrounded by evil forces, these words, spoken by the voice of the Spirit, were the light that shone in my life, protecting me and illuminating my path. And I hope that as you experience these words, you will in turn connect with this power of light and call upon it to protect you and light your way. word-image-17615 It’s not as big as the Holistic Tarot, but it’s as thick as the Key to Solomonic Magic and Spiritual Spells when you print it, and as thick as the Tao of Trades. word-image-17616

Please note that the premium package is an ebook only (digital PDF file sent by email). I am not selling a paperback edition of this book. Instead, when you buy the premium package, you get access to a private hyperlink to in addition to the ebook (private here means a book that is not available to the general public; not included means you only receive this hyperlink via email). You can then purchase a finished, prepared paperback copy of the book from, an unaffiliated third-party print-on-demand site. The purchase transaction of the paperback is solely between you and I apologize if I wasn’t clear. word-image-17617 If you ordered the Premium package, you will receive an email from me in your inbox in the first half of May 2024, delivering the PDF card book and the SKT Tarot Journal/Workbook (PDF format only). word-image-17618 Oops, the numbering on this automatically generated list for the seven angels is wrong. See? There must be a linear treatment. word-image-17619 A book of cards is not a book of tarot card meanings. This is very, very specific to SKT. For example, the item for the eight of swords is long because I was interested in telling the story of Hypatia’s life – that’s my short summary after reading five books about Hypatia. I also explain why I present them in the eight of swords and why each symbol on this card looks the way it does. So I don’t think you can apply this knowledge to general interpretations of the Eight of Swords tarot card. word-image-17620 I also didn’t hesitate to talk about what these tarot keys mean to me. I quote Waite and Crowley, tell how they approached the same key, and then tell how I used their approaches and how I deviated from their approaches to create my own. So, again, this is not a book about the meanings of tarot cards. =) I really don’t think we can (or should) apply these card values I give to more standard decks. word-image-17621 These photos of the book’s contents are intended to give you an idea of the content. I chose the color option, and here’s the thing: Once you choose the color option, whether it’s 700 pages in grayscale or 700 pages in color, the price remains unchanged. So it’s worth including as many color photos as possible, right? =) word-image-17622 Another unique feature of the card book is that it contains images of the background illustrations on the cards, without the foreground (the main part of the tarot). That’s because I was a little mad at myself for putting so much effort into painting a detailed background, and 90% of it was covered by the foreground. It’s sad. So the map book has become a place where I can showcase these backgrounds =) word-image-17623 The delivery process for this issue will be similar to previous issues: I will email you the digital files of the card book about a month or more before I pack and ship the cards. In my experience, it takes about a month to receive an order for paperbacks from Lulu, a third-party printing company. If I’ve done the math correctly, you’ll receive a physical copy of your paperback a few weeks before you receive your deck from us (if you choose to order it from Lulu). word-image-17624 You also have the option of printing the pages of the book itself, if you have access to a desktop printer that can handle such a massive task. (In this case, remember to make sure that Print by Size is selected in the printer settings before you click Print so that the content is automatically adjusted to the paper size). Then perforate the pages and put them in a three-ring binder =) word-image-17625 One of the challenges I have faced in this third production cycle is that much has changed due to the global pandemic. For one thing, it seems to take much longer to do things than it used to. For example, people react slower, it takes longer to get things done, even mail delivery seems to be slower for some reason. word-image-17626 I did consider that possibility, but I haven’t really and fully thought about it yet. I didn’t realize how long it would take or how long it would drag on. I feel like everyone at work works slower, takes longer to get things done, I mean, I don’t know. It’s like wading through treacle. word-image-17627 I used my previous experience with two problems to predict the timing, and I shouldn’t have. Time during a global pandemic is a different story. This also happens in other professions. For example, in legal matters. Everything started to take longer. Everything has been postponed. It’s like business is running at 0.5. =) word-image-17628 At the moment I’m still waiting for a physical copy of the tests. We have ordered a run of 3,456 decks and have reserved the option to increase the order if we determine that we need more decks before full production begins. Yes, the first print run of the publication is limited, but the exact number of copies has not yet been determined. Why are we doing it this way? Because we have many factors to consider, and this is the best way for us.

Taking orders, processing them, packing the plates and taking them to the post office for shipment is a lot of work. Very much so. It takes control of your life. If that’s your full-time job, that’s the goal. But if it’s your hobby and something you do for love, that amount of work every day and every weekend turns something fun into something not fun at all very quickly. Inventory also takes up your living space. If every hallway in our house is cluttered with piles of boxes from floor to ceiling in every room that isn’t being used for a while, that’s fine.

But if our house always looks like this, it’s not very good. I therefore understand and sympathise with the many criticisms of the apparently limited distribution that we have. After careful consideration, this is simply the best approach for our own spiritual well-being. word-image-17629 This post about the state of production was longer than I intended to write! Omigosh, isn’t it modest of me to admire the cover of my own book? Because I like the cover of this book. It’s beautiful, and now that Lulu has added a new option for matte book covers, the matte finish here is just gorgeous.

(I really don’t like gloss, and gloss just didn’t fit the SKT aesthetic, but for the previous two editions of the book, gloss was my only option). word-image-17630 Alriguey, that’s it for now. ❤


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