Insight Tarot by Stanislav Reshetnikov

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Not a fan of the mainstream Tarot decks? Well, then this deck is a must-have for you!

This deck is based on the original artwork of the famous artist Stanislav Reshetnikov, and it was created to be easy to use as well as visually stunning.

The Major Arcana cards follow the traditional Tarot layout, while the Minor Arcana cards feature a grid layout with colored borders that makes reading them easier.

What is the meaning of life? If you ask the average person, their answer will probably be something like “to love and be loved”.

However, many of us are starting to understand that there is something more to life than just a physical existence, and many of us are looking for a deeper meaning.

The Tarot of Illumination by Stanislav Reshetnikov and developed by Danielle D. Farmer

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Published by Red Feather Mind, Body, Spirit (Schiffer 2024) RRP £30.99 ISBN 978-0-7643-6002-2 The Insight Tarot is one of the best decks I have had the pleasure of working with and reviewing. Plus, it’s a big package! The sturdy, complete white box opens with a magnetic closure and contains a 176-page full-color guide and, underneath, 79 card games. Illumination tarot box and book


The cards themselves are made of high-quality cardboard and are quite large (13.3 cm x 8 cm). They are bright, with a denim blue back and gilded edges that shine like a mirror. I took a picture of a few stones to show how phenomenal the shine of the gold is. Luminous Tarot with golden borders


The designer, Stanislav Reshetnikov, was born and lives in Moscow, Russia. After a brilliant education in pharmacology and pharmaceutical marketing, he turned to psychology and related disciplines, particularly the Jungian school. Besides psychology, Reshetnikov masters the tarot and creates his own courses and workshops.

The Red Feather website ( has a moving account of her own experience of the dark night of the soul and the healing that followed, and of the creation of the Insight Tarot. The fully illustrated majors have an attractive, modern design that has a vintage feel due to the subtle color scheme.

The illustrations are original and very legible, in accordance with Rider-Waite-Smith’s numbers and titles. There is an optional white card that can be used in several ways. Examples: reinforcing the messages of surrounding cards; recognizing a new path; acting as a catalyst or even changing the energy and effect in a reading. Tarot Enlightenment Fool, Empress, White Card, Chariot and Hermit


The minor arcana have a color theme and are displayed in what I have called Pips Plus. The simplicity of the clothing symbols only gives the reader an idea of the story to think about.

I read a lot with peep decks and I really like these miners! If you like fully illustrated sidebooks, these might be a little sparse for you, but if you want to try to dive into the almost non-illustrated ones, I think you’ll like them. Tarot of Enlightenment 6 of Sages, 2 of Cups, 3 of Swords and 4 of Pentacles

word-image-3022 The Three of Swords is an excellent example of something extra in a number card. The swords cut the stem of the flower, which may indicate a point on the path where the seeker (and others) experience heartache or loss. Closer to the root….or in full bloom? For example, no two people will experience grief on the same level. A simple but profound image. The color of the pentacles is where I have serious problems with the game. The yellow and gold discs are decorated with a crown pattern, which would be fine if the suit was called Coins.

There are no pentacles in the entire color, which (in my opinion) has a big impact on the energies and archetypes of this color. I feel like this is something that should have been addressed in the design phase, and it just takes away the smallest facet of what is otherwise a great deck. Justice follows the jaded tastes of minors and has subtly charming faces. They follow the familiar henchmen, knights, queens and kings. Tarot of Enlightenment Peasant of Wisdom, Knight of Swords, Queen of Cups and King of Pentacles


The instructions list the cards with their meanings and interpretations for the front and back positions. It also asks philosophical and existential questions, in keeping with the author’s Jungian approach to the Tarot. These are guides for those who wish to get in touch with themselves and other aspects of humanity by using the archetypes found in the cards.

Regardless of the displeasure of the Pentacles, I quickly mastered the Insight Tarot. This is a visually stunning book, suitable for readers of all levels, and a joy to work with. Tarot Tower Enlightenment, High Priestess, Hierophant, Magician and Moon



How do you load…The tarot has a long history of divination dating back to ancient Greece, and was used by the Egyptians, the Mayans, the Romans, and the Chinese. It was even used to tell the future in the Middle Ages, and the cards are still widely used by fortunetellers today. It is fascinating to see how seemingly similar and yet different the cards may be. It is especially interesting to see how the same cards can have different meanings, depending to the tradition in which one uses them..

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