Survival Hunter Guide


The Survival Hunter character has become popular because of its excellent ability to attack in close combat. Anyone can change their specialization and join the ranks of hunters, regardless of the current class. Use the guide to advance in World of Warcraft quickly and efficiently or buy WoW boosting to make things easier for yourself.

There are other ways to get support. For example, join the game discussions on thematic forums. In addition, there is always the chance to get the support of experienced players on known servers. In short, it is easy enough to find answers to difficult questions. The main aspect is to know where to look.

General Characteristics of Survival Hunter


The popularity of the character allows drawing conclusions about the growth rate and control abilities. Due to the fact that the demand for this hero does not decrease, players are convinced of its worthy characteristics. This is the main reason for a detailed study of its advantages and disadvantages.

The Survival Hunter character has been available for quite a long time. The first appearance dates back to 2014. The release of new updates had almost no effect on the character, but this opinion is deceptive. The latest patch makes sure that the innovations are not noticeable, but still play an important role (for example, damage increase).

An attempt to briefly characterize the Hunter of this specialization boil down to the following:

• high recovery rate, a credit to the use of Ferocious Pets, as it is one of the main advantages;
• quick self-healing allows the character Health bar to reduce the damages during combat;
• excellent single-target attacks, but the effectiveness depends on how long players fight their opponent.

Those advantages allow the Survival Hunter not only to engage in battles with opponents, but also to compete in the arena on the same level as the other characters. The excellent characteristics allowed the Survival Hunter to take part in raids and dungeon exploration.

What the Stat Priority Looks Like


One of the main tasks of the player is to find appropriate artifacts and equipment. It is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of acquisitions and to analyze the need for this or that aspect for the hero. When it comes to the Survival Hunter training, it is necessary to give preference to the accumulation of skills in the following order:

• dexterity;
• speed;
• critical hit;
• versatility;
• artistry.

Attack power and dealt damage are linked together, so players need to pump up their characters’ dexterity. There is no way around it, because the characteristics and the targets are directly related to each other. Critical hit’s pumping allows betting on the recovery speed and win in the end.

Selection of Equipment for Quality Protection


Close-quarters combat and raids require high quality protection. It is difficult to achieve the goal, as there is a high probability of not finding the right equipment items. For this reason, it is up to the players to decide which of the listed items are suitable for the objectives.

When deciding to buy new equipment, keep in mind the scale of necessary characteristics.

The preference should be given to those artifacts and accessories that can improve dexterity, speed and critical hit. The versatility and skill take the second place, because they do not play a key role in the success of the character.

It’s difficult to collect equipment for your Survival Hunter. You will need to visit several locations and find the right items:

• Kel’thuzad (neck, arms, belt);
• Sylvanas Windrunner (shoulders, cape);
• The Eye of the Jailer (boots, trinkets);
• Kira (feet).

The easiest item to obtain is the famous Crest of the Fallen. The helmet is easy to find, because several attractive sets are offered to beginners at once. Use the obtained equipment to gain some bonuses. Increasing the basic characteristics will increase the survivability and the amount of dealt damage.

Tips for the Best Game Using the Survival Hunter


Boss battles make teams discouraged, but don’t give up so early. Advice from experienced World of Warcraft players online will get you away with this and let you enjoy the game-play.

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Boss battles are much easier to fight if your character has a few aces up his sleeve. One of the hidden benefits are those abilities that can increase the damage. Additionally, various spells (carved figures, acid iron) can be used.

The combat break phase is a good time to attack. Try not to use Spirit of the Eagle prematurely, in the process you will understand why. The spell takes a few minutes to regenerate, but after using it, you can move to a safe place and continue the fight against your opponent.

When the health is at 10% it is dangerous, so players will need to stick to specific tactics.

Stay in the center and deal damage to your opponent. In this way you will save time to regenerate your strength and remain protected from enemy and boss attacks.

Why Are Survival Hunters Considered Special


Hunters have gained the ability to use their pets while attacking an opponent. Players strike from two sides, as the mounts attack under their master’s control. This clever move allows one to control the progression of the events and engage in a melee combat with the least amount of losses.

Clashes with enemies are often accompanied by the development of dangerous traps and the utmost attention to pets. Mounts used in battles remain loyal to their owner and try desperately to protect them from possible damage.

Hunters’ actions can be described as instinctive, as resourcefulness is the main reason for winning battles. Their melee weaponry allows them to lull the enemy into a state of alert and stay unscathed on the battlefield. Their ability to regenerate themselves remains a major advantage and serves as a valid reason for the popularity of this character.