Craftopia developer announces co-op survival builder Palworld

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Tired of zombies and bad guys dying to each other in every game you play? Look no further than Palworld, a new game that tasks you with building a home for survivors to live in. As you build your home, you’ll also be crafting weapons and items to fend off the zombies and other monsters that come at night.

Palworld is a new game from Craftopia, the maker of survival building game Craftopia. The game is a 100% co-op survival building game. You must work together to survive in this game. Your goal is to build a village, using resources found in the environment. Other players will then use the resources you have created to create their own structures and defend their village.

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Developer Pocketpair, Craftopia , has announced a cel-shaded survival game for 2024. This new project is Palworld, in which players embark on a cooperative adventure to create and thrive in a cartoonish world. There are activities such as farming, dungeon diving and factory management. The word Buddy in Palworld means collecting and breeding exotic creatures, just like the Pokémon needed to fight poachers. Let your friends fight, build, farm, and work in factories, the studio explained with an expansive face.

It’s a virtual sweatshop! With cute little animals! However, this does not mean that the Craftopia will be abandoned. The release of this survival game is scheduled for the 23rd. June will get a major update that will add a custom pet system, raise the level cap, add weapons, and possibly introduce support for mods in the Steam Workshop. Many users are concerned about the future development of Craftopia, writes Pocketpair. However, the Craftopia development team has grown from the original four people to the current team of over 15 people.

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The expansion of the team has allowed us to make drastic improvements that we had previously put off. The next major update will also significantly improve the game’s performance. About the next big Craftopia update on the 23rd. June! New pet system New growth slider (increases level limit and stats) New weapon Steam Workshop MOD support (possible) New bosses, new buildings and more!

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