Sic Bo Rules & Best Strategy Tips All Beginners Should Know


Free time is precious time that needs to be properly planned. Some simply decide to spend their free time sitting or lying down and looking at one point and doing nothing, while others decide to choose an activity and thus make their time more fun and interesting.

So many people decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself. Such is the example if you choose the game Sic Bo which is a very interesting game with which you can fill your free time, afford fun and a great opportunity to earn.

This is a game that is very popular all over the world and is especially popular in Asia, where it originates from. It is an interesting casino principle that can be found in casinos in Hong Kong, Philippines, but can also be found in the United States in one of the Chinese neighborhoods where you can often come across a traditional casino in which this game is organized.

Recently, ie a few years ago, this game is also available online, thus increasing the popularity of the casino option on a global level. With its appearance as an online version, the interest in the game among the fans of such new challenging casino releases has significantly increased, which has contributed to the increased demand for the game.

We are sure that you have at least once encountered this casino option and wondered what exactly it is about. Precisely because there are people who are interested in the rules and concept of Sic Bo and because there are people who are looking for more directions to build a strategy for this casino option, today we decided to work on this topic and bring you more specific answers.

For that, we will need your full attention because in the following we will discuss the rules of this game and how to build a great strategy for playing it. Are you ready to learn more? Then we can start! All you will need to do is follow us to the end to get the information we bring you.

What is Sic Bo?


It is a casino game that traditionally originates from the East, ie from Asian countries. In translation, the game means Bigger or Less, and as such the name is used in some countries around the world in order to give a proper translation of the traditional name Sic Bo.

This game is most popular in Asian countries, but can also be found as an option in many gambling houses around the world. It can be found especially in the United States or Canada in certain neighborhoods where most Asians live. This casino option first arrived in other parts of the world in the 20th century when it was spotted in the US and UK, and as a regular option has been found in casinos since 2002 when some casinos in the US, Canada, and the UK were licensed to organize it. Now let’s see something more about the rules that this game imposes.

What Are the Rules You Need to Know to Play Sic Bo?


As we have already said, this old Asian game of chance is more and more present all over the world. It is especially popular with the advent of the internet when many sites start offering Sic bo game.

With the advent of this option on gambling sites, the interest of the players increases, and with that, more popularity is achieved. Because of the popularity, more and more people are interested in the rules of the game of this option, and we are sure that you are also interested in learning more about them. To that end, we talk more about the rules below.

First of all, we would like you to know that this is a game that includes a table with a thematically placed pattern, then cards are used and the most interesting thing – dice are used. This is one of the few options in which dice are used throughout the game because that’s the concept.

What Is Required of You?

Let’s see what is required of the players. We will present it to you from an online perspective as this casino option is more popular online than in land-based casinos. A player at the beginning of the game is required to place his bet, and online this is done with chips that you pay with your cash deposit. You place as much as you think is necessary and you place your prediction. That’s all you need to do to get started. The next thing the dealer does.

The dealer collects the dice and shakes them in a box and then shows the obtained values. On the Internet it is usually displayed graphically in a part of the screen where the dice are rotated and show the values.

What Are the Options You Can Bet on?

You have several options presented to you. You can bet in one of the following ways:

  • Guess whether the value will be higher or lower


You can predict whether the value will be higher or lower. The smaller values are from 1 to 9 depending on whether they are one, two, or three cubes, and the larger values are all above the number 9.

  • You can guess a specific number or value

You can also select an option to guess a sum value. It can be the minimum value of 4 or a number in the array up to the maximum value of 17.

  • You can select a value on only one cube


In front of you is an option to select a value of the cube (from 1 to 6) with which you will guess the value that will appear on only one of the cubes.

  • You can select a value consisting of three cubes

You need to choose a value that will be the sum of the numbers that will appear on each of the three cubes.

  • You can play with only two dice

Choose a value that is only on two of the three dice to be rotated.

What Are the Perfect Strategies for Sic Bo?

1. It is best to bet on just one of the options

Do not bet on more options because that will only make the game more difficult and you may find yourself in a situation of losing a large amount of money.

2. It is best to bet on whether the amount won will be higher or lower


So the chances of getting a solid amount are higher than if you play one of the other options that are quite complicated.

3. Never play by your logic, use your intuition more

People often think that if a high number is obtained, the next one will be low and vice versa. It’s just an ideal way to lose money, but not to make money.

We hope that with the elaboration of today’s topic we have given you more directions around Sic Bo and we think that by these directions you are completely ready to win a great profit. So visit one of the best sites today and place your profit strategy on the table.