Sting Says a WWE Match With The Undertaker Might Have Stopped Him From Moving to AEW

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In a recent interview with the Mirror (UK), “The Icon” Sting talked about his possible future in wrestling in the past and during his career, and he revealed that The Undertaker actually stopped him from moving to the American independent scene.

Sting revealed on the latest episode of The Steve Austin Show that he once had a meeting with The Undertaker about coming into the WWE, but he said the meeting didn’t end up going so well.

A couple of weeks ago, AEW announced that they were bringing in a major name in the wrestling world to join their growing roster. Hulk Hogan will be joining their roster after being announced as the new President of AEW.

WWE star Sting joined the All Elite Wrestling roster in December and appeared on the AEW Dynamite show almost weekly as a mentor to rising star Darby Allin. But Icon’s switch from WWE to AEW almost didn’t happen, as the WCW legend revealed in an interview with Sports Illustrated this week. Sting has not been in action since his neck injury that ended his career during his fight with Seth Rollins at Night of Champions 2015, though fans are still clamoring for a match between Sting and the Undertaker.

Sting has said multiple times in interviews that he could have had this match if WWE had scheduled it, but it never came to pass. He told SI that he probably would have stayed if the cinematic match with Phenom he imagined had taken place. I wanted it to happen, Sting said. I’ve been very clear in public, and I’ve been clear against the WWE as well. I wanted my last hurrah to be against Taker. For some reason, it never happened. To this day, I don’t know why. Maybe Taker never wanted to work with me. I have no idea. I mean, I had great conversations with Taker and we always got along. I don’t know why the game never happened, but it should have.

Because it’s not going to happen, and I knew that, and that’s not the only reason I left the WWE, but it’s one of the reasons I left. I wanted it to be the last game. Sting was involved in his first film match on Revolution when he defeated Bryan Cage and Ricky Starks in a street fight alongside Allin. He has his first live match tonight at Double or Nothing, where he and Allin take on Ethan Paige and Scorpion Skye. During the promotion of The Last Ride last summer, the retired Undertaker addressed fans in an interview who still held out hope for a dream game. Well, in this world, you never say never, but I think that even though things look good on paper…..

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And it’s really, I mean, of course it’s a super famous game, right? The undertaker said. But where I differ from many people is that I’m not looking for fame, I’m looking for the opportunity to bring joy. Like you said, there are so many people hungry for this game that I’m not sure it will meet people’s expectations. And the only reason I say that is because I take full [responsibility] – I don’t have the mobility or the skills I used to have to make this game great. Some things are better left in the theater of the mind for all to see.

And if expectations were so high and the game didn’t go through, that would have been a bigger disappointment than if the game didn’t go through at all. They are different things, but in the same sense of who is the greatest: Michael Jordan or LeBron James? I mean, you’ll never know because they never get a chance to play against each other. And that’s a good thing, he added. It’s a great game, but I think 10 years ago this could have happened and still be a stellar game. I’m not sure he can justify the hype at this point.