Tom Brady Had an Unorthodox Way of Showing His Patriots Teammates He Loved Them, According to Julian Edelman

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady walks on the field before an NFL wild-card playoff football game against the Tennessee Titans, Saturday, Jan. 4, 2024, in Foxborough, Mass. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

The Patriots-Steelers postseason battle this year was the most dramatic of the New England dynasty’s five Super Bowl appearances. The game, which the Steelers won, was filled with controversy, all the way down to the officiating, and the winner was never in doubt.

As New England celebrated, one man who was far from thrilled was Pittsburgh’s quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger. On the day after the game, he was asked about the controversial play that resulted in a Richard Sherman interception that led to a touchdown, and his response was telling.

False modesty is traditionally a sign of humility and a willingness to accept praise. But Tom Brady has always been a little more than just a humble guy. In the past, Brady has received plenty of praise for his talents on the field, but not much of it has come from the people he plays with.

Edelman says that Brady has always been one of the most loveable teammates in the NFL. He and Brady have been very close ever since they first met on the practice field in 2009.

Almost everything Tom Brady does is a little unusual. From his absurd diet to his extremely strict sleep schedule, Brady is just not like other NFL players. So when you become a teammate of a legendary quarterback, you have to get used to his unorthodox ways.

Julian Edelman, who has already caught passes from TB12 in his 11-year NFL career, admitted it took him a while to get used to Brady’s leadership style. Edelman didn’t understand why Brady was constantly yelling at him on the practice field and during games, but it turns out that’s how Brady shows his teammates that he loves them.

Tom Brady and Julian Edelman were teammates for 11 years with the Patriots


New England Patriots’ Julian Edelman and Tom Brady talk on the field during the 2017 AFC Divisional Playoff game against the Houston Texans | Jim Rogash/Getty Images.

In his 20 years with the Patriots, Brady has become the greatest quarterback in history. But he wouldn’t have been able to accomplish everything he did if Edelman hadn’t been there for him. Edelman has been Brady’s most reliable target for most of his 11 seasons in New England. He totaled 6,822 yards and 36 touchdowns, caught the most passes of any Brady, and won three Super Bowls with his only franchise record. After leaving the NFL this offseason, Edelman became the fourth-best receiver in Patriots history. Brady and Edelman have had a family relationship for more than a decade, but that doesn’t mean they’ve never clashed.

Edelman says the more Brady yells at you, the more he loves you

. Earlier this week, Edelman appeared on an episode of Chris Long’s Green Light Podcast. They reminisce about their brief time as teammates in New England, what Bill Belichick is like behind closed doors and their favorite Brady stories. Edelman explained during the interview that Brady was always tough on him as a young player, and that the QB yelled at him multiple times throughout his career with the Patriots.

But, as Edelman eventually learned, that was only because Brady loved him. He came to me like a big brother, but I was the one he could turn to, Edelman said. He had a hard time – when I was young, he teased me because we had a connection to the Bay Area, we had the same representation. We had something together, but I wasn’t a stud yet, and if I didn’t do something right, he said: Come on, Jules! Let’s go! Growing up, he yelled at me and I yelled back unless it was forbidden.

If it wasn’t an incentive, it was: Brother, you can’t yell at me about this. I remember him saying: If I yell at you, you’ll know I love you. I’d say so: Yeah, well… then you must really love me.

Brady yelled at Edelman knowing the WR could handle the heat

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. Brady didn’t yell at all of his Patriots teammates. Edelman said he only does this with people he respects and who he knows will use it to motivate themselves to work harder. Edelman apparently falls into this category. He liked yelling at me, because I don’t think he could yell at the other boys, because they would have yelled at him if he did, he said.

These guys have been watching him since he was two years old. I’ve been watching it since I was 13. They will blow it off and leave the team, or their feelings will be hurt when a guy like Tom Brady throws himself at you and starts yelling at you. So he knew very well who to yell at and who not to.

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