4 Interesting Facts About Christianity and God

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When it comes to one of the main religions in the world, even though it’s spread worldwide and is the world’s largest one, many are still unaware of certain specifics of Christianity. As you may assume, there are many facts that vary, as Christianity has different belief systems, the main three being Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant. Of course, they all agree on most things, but when we scratch under the surface, we get to some pretty interesting facts about Christianity and God. Want to know more? Just keep reading and, by the end of this article, you will surely learn something new about Christianity. Also, if you want to learn more about the significance of God and whether God is real, you can read more here.

The first mass-produced bible

Many are familiar with the fact that there are two testaments, the Old and the New. The first one is also known as the Hebrew Bible. As for the second one, it was written by Christians. Gospels represent the essence of it, and even though it has been with us for almost two thousand years, the first one produced for a broader audience was “The Gutenberg Bible.” It consisted of three main components, but out of 180 printed copies, only 49 are known to exist today, and today, clerks use many versions of the Bible.

Sunday is for resting

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Each religion has its holy day when people try to rest and spend some time with their loved ones, and in Christianity, that is Sunday. Many families prepare a family lunch, gather around the table and talk about the things they are grateful for. Besides that, many of them go to the church, listen to the service and try to connect to God. It is a day that should be fulfilled with happiness and joy, and many Christians try to achieve that by doing something they love.

The Bible can be found in almost every language

When we speak about books and try to figure out which of them is the most translated in the world, many of us will not think about The Bible, but the truth is that it is number one on this list. It is translated into almost every language in this world, and if you are interested in numbers, it is more than 3,000 languages. Another significant number and an interesting fact when regarding The Bible is the number of sold Bibles every year, and it is more than 100 million of them.

Jesus exists in Islam too

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Although many people think that Christianity and Islam are entirely different religions, the truth is much different. Jesus is the only God in Christianity, and it does not mean that He does not exist in the Islam religion too. In Islam, Jesus is a prophet, and many of them call Him “Son of God,” according to Quran. Although many Muslims do not agree that Jesus is the son of God, all of them believe that He is a prophet.