Fantasy Sci-fi Roguelike Medievalien Hits Early Access Today

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The fantasy-noir rogue-like RPG Medievalien by indie developer Aether Team is now available. It’s unusual and unique, a mix of roguelike and fantasy, that centers around a mysterious artifact that you’ll need to discover, and use to your advantage. The gameplay is a mix of non-stop action and tactics, with a great mix of loot drops, and a strategic turn-based gold-to-gems system.

It’s been just over a year since the release of Medievalien, a procedurally generated sci-fi roguelike RPG in the style of the old-school classics. The game has been updated to version 1.00, with the game’s creator explaining some of the changes that have been made to the game since the original release.

Italian indie studio Doob Games Srl has announced that its new roguelike Medievalien is available in early access starting today.

Medievalien is described as a roguelike adventure game. It is a combination of fantasy and science fiction, in which aliens begin to invade the magical world of the game. Players must arm themselves with everything from spell books and crossbows to bombs and ray guns to fight off the otherworldly forces.

Doob Games is releasing Medievalien in early access for community feedback as the studio continues to refine the game. The studio was inspired by Supergiant Games’ Hades, , which won multiple awards last year. Doob Games sees the benefits of releasing the game in early access. Studio co-founder Alex Bagnolini said in a statement: The success of Hades has shown the world that there are better ways to do early access than the industry has seen so far. We think the potential for player participation and feedback is still great, even if you’re not a developer with a long track record with previous versions.

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In Medievalien, players will encounter numerous loot items. Upgradable gear and weapons will play a role, and merchants will sell items and spells that give players various benefits during their journey. Characters will also have skill trees that can be used to unlock new skills.

Rogelikes work best when the synergy between objects and possibilities is carefully balanced and refined, says Bagnolini. The mix of medieval fantasy and sci-fi alien technology opens the door for thousands of different constructs than other roguelikes, but we have to get it right and tweak every detail. Early access will help us do that. Doob Games is launching an initiative the studio calls the Roguelike Advisory Board.

An advisory board of roguelike streamers and community members will provide critical feedback to the studio during development. Current board members are CocoConfession, BrainTM, Kosmender, CUCU0015 Mee_shell, and TheBlacktastic. Passionate members of the roguelike community are encouraged to contact Doob Games to join the board. Players can explore the world of Medievalien’starting today by downloading the game on Steam.