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Apple To Launch Airpods 3 In 2021, Airpods Pro Update Next Year: Report

According to a recent report by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is planning to launch its AirPods 3 in 2021 and its AirPods Pro update in 2020. Two years after the debut of the AirPods 2, Apple is planning to launch its third-generation AirPod, which is expected to deliver higher sound quality and wireless charging, according to Kuo. Apple is moving forward with the development of a pair of wireless headphones called AirPods, according to a new report. The company has reportedly partnered with Taiwanese chip maker TSMC toRead More

iPad Pro 2021 Review: Everything your Need to Know

It seems like a long time since Apple released the iPad Pro, the most expensive iPad ever released. But, in truth, the gap between the iPad Pro and the iPad is a lot shorter than it feels. The iPad Pro’s release marked the beginning of a huge rise in the tablet market, with brands such as Samsung, Asus, and Huawei all releasing premium tablets to compete with the iPad Pro. If you are looking for a new iPad Pro, you have come to the right place. We are going toRead More

Why eSports Are Becoming One Of The Most Profitable Industries

People have compared the rise of eSports to that of the early days of the Internet, and while it’s still far from clear whether the industry is here to stay, there’s no question that it’s getting bigger and bigger. And not just as a spectator industry, either—the money generated by a number of professional eSports players is now approaching that of traditional sports leagues. eSports is a multi-billion dollar industry, which is growing at an exponential rate. According to Newzoo, the global eSports audience is expected to reach 385 millionRead More

Why Software Development Outsourcing Makes Sense in This Tech Era

Human resources and cost-efficiency are frequently cited reasons why companies favor outsourcing their IT job. It is easy to see why. Especially for companies that are not tech-savvy and are not looking to develop external IT solutions on their own. Not to mention that outsourcing software development projects can save you a lot of money. When you first think of outsourcing development, you probably think of web development. But the truth is there are a number of areas in which you can benefit from outsourcing, including marketing, product management, andRead More