3 Best And Worst Florida Politicians And Senators In The Last 10 Years

Source: miamiherald.com

Politics can be a messy affair, with some people winning the hearts of the masses while others stay behind in the race. It will come as no surprise to you when we say that politics has shown us the best of times and the worst of times. As a result, this article summarizes the three best and worst politicians and senators in Florida in the last five years.

1. Rick Scott

Source: sun-sentinel.com

He indeed comes under the “good” politician list but has had his ups and downs. Rick Scott is a US senator and a two-time governor of Florida until 2019. Under his regime, the state saw one of the most significant evacuations from hurricane Irma in the country’s history; all dealt with patience, virtue, and prudence by this gentleman. Apart from this, Florida also witnessed a decline in unemployment, taxpayer debt, and crime statewide.

However, the businessman and venture capitalist also saw the opposition taking jibes at him for his involvement in the Columbia/HCA deal. Nonetheless, the senator responded to every crank that came at him and told the media that the FBI never circled him or his actions concerning the hospital takeover. You can also visit Scott Cooper Miami Beach to know more about the politician’s career and the related scandals involving his consultant.

2. Jose Javier Rodriguez

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It would probably be rubbing a little salt on his wounds. Still, Florida state senator from District 37, Jose Javier Rodriguez, who lost by thirty-four votes to his Republican opponent, qualifies as one of the worst senators of Florida. Apart from this, he barely knew his opposing candidates and had been a center of controversies ever since he was announced to be a part of the race.

It is understandable that everyone makes mistakes but not knowing your opponents even when you are running for office cannot be qualified as an oversight. You win elections with thorough research and a fantastic campaign, both of which Jose Javier Rodriguez lacked. People will put you on a pedestal when they see you working hard for the office that holds their fate. Even a little slacking, and you can end up losing just like Rodriguez did.

3. Katherine Fernandez Rundle

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Katherine Fernandez Rundle is the Miami-Dade state attorney who has never even once in her career prosecuted a law-enforcement officer for murder in her decades of service. Not only is that an extreme lapse on her part but also an ignominy to the office she is working for. Katherine has even covered reprehensible actions that led to her party members demanding her resignation. An incompetent state attorney, Katherine is one of the worst politicians elected by Florida as she cannot even bring herself to prosecute corruption allegations brought to her attention.


So, here they are—three of the best and worst politicians and senators of Florida. Although there are no grey lines in politics, people can make out the wrong from the right. As a result, politicians must be aware of their actions and the decisions they are making while in office.