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Vaibhav Sharda


A Complete Guide On How To Add A Signature In Gmail

How many times have you received an email from someone that you don’t recognize? But, you can’t reply because you don’t have enough information about the person or don’t know his email address? Well, this is a big problem in the real world and it can be a nightmare in the digital world. To avoid this problem, there are some simple steps you can follow to add a signature to Gmail. In this post, I am going to provide you with the step-by-step procedure to add a signature in Gmail.Read More

6 Best Ways To Switch User In Windows 10

It’s not difficult to switch user in Windows 10, all you need is a little help. In this post I will introduce 6 ways you can switch user in Windows 10. For those who are new to Windows 10, here is a crash course on how to switch user in Windows 10: Microsoft has made a huge announcement: Windows 10 is now available to all Windows users. The company has been working hard to make Windows 10 the best version of their operating system yet. The new version of WindowsRead More

How to Enable Fast-Start Failover in Oracle Data Guard – The Geek Diary

Fast-Start Failover is a technique used in Oracle Data Guard, where data is copied from one Oracle VM on a primary/standby pair to another Oracle VM on the same primary/standby pair, but without requiring waiting for the failover process to complete. Fast-start failover (FSO) is an Oracle technology that allows you to fail over a database from one node to another quickly. It’s usually done for disaster recovery purposes, but it can also be used to improve performance during normal business hours. The ability to fail over from a primaryRead More

A Simple And Easy Text Field Control Written In Swift

I love Apple’s Swift programming language and how easy it is to create code in this language. However, not all applications are created equal. You probably don’t need an app that can do something like this: Today, I’d like to present you a simple and easy text field control written in Swift, which is based on the concept of the Canvas TextField control. If we have an interface that allows a user to enter text into a text field, we can use the control within our app. AEOTPTextField A niceRead More

Stream Classes in Java | Byte Stream Classes

I recently have had a lot of interest in stream processing and how to stream data in a java application. So here is my attempt at providing a basic understanding of the process. Stream Classes in Java | Byte Stream Classes In the article, you will learn about the streams in Java. Streams are a fundamental data abstraction in programming languages such as Java. Java is a class-based object-oriented programming language that runs on top of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which is an implementation of the Java bytecode specification.Read More

15 Websites to Publish and Sell E-books Online Lists – 2021 Guide

Publishing a book online is a great way to get your message out there, but there are a ton of different ways to go about it! No matter what kind of book you want to publish, or how you’re going to do it, you need to figure out how much of your book to publish, who to publish it with, and how to sell your book. This list contains my favorite +15+ e-book publishing platforms. I wrote this article because I’ve tried a lot of online e-books publishing sites but mostRead More

Weekly Astrology 2nd November 2020

This is the second in a series of posts based on the weekly horoscopes at This week’s horoscope predicts: This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy. The new moon for the second week of November 2020 is in Aquarius, on the 2nd at 20:48 GMT. The moon is in the house of the Moon in Sagittarius. The moon is currently in an angular house, which means she stands in a relationship to the angles of the zodiac. Previous angular moons have been difficult, or they have tried toRead More

Book of Maps Proofs (SKT Revelation Production Status Update)

The latest SKT product, the SKT Revolution, has been revealed to the public! As most know, the name ‘Revolution’ is an allusion to the very first Korean word that the SKT logo is supposed to stand for, ‘Reseption’. The Revolution is meant to represent the company’s greatest achievements to date, as well as the rebirth of the ‘SKT’. South Korea’s SK Telecom (SKT) has recently revealed their plan to create a new promotional map for Starcraft II, which will be released alongside the start of this year’s Proleague Season 2.Read More

The Energy of the Week: Rises in the House of Hope

Some weeks are more inspirational than others, and this week is one of those. I have been reading the book “Meaning and Truth of Life” by Fr. Thomas Hopko, CS. The book is a compilation of the writings of Fr. Thomas Hopko, CS, and you can read his many talks from the past here. As I was reading this week, I realized that Fr. Hopko has the ability to take an old, worn out, tired idea and re-invigorate it with his wit, intelligence, and spiritual insight. I find that IRead More

Insight Tarot by Stanislav Reshetnikov

Not a fan of the mainstream Tarot decks? Well, then this deck is a must-have for you! This deck is based on the original artwork of the famous artist Stanislav Reshetnikov, and it was created to be easy to use as well as visually stunning. The Major Arcana cards follow the traditional Tarot layout, while the Minor Arcana cards feature a grid layout with colored borders that makes reading them easier. What is the meaning of life? If you ask the average person, their answer will probably be something likeRead More